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Why Bet 4 Free?

Matched Betting is the only way to always win at Gambling!

Matched betting is a betting method that allows you to earn a guaranteed profit from bookmaker free bet offers. It is also known as double betting as every bet we place at the bookies we place an opposing bet at the betting exchange. This means that no matter what happens in the event you have bet on you will win, either your bookie bet will win or your exchange bet will win. At the end of the bet you will have broken even but that bet will have unlocked a free bet reward from the bookmaker. We can use some clever maths to back and lay the free bet in the same way in order to guarantee ourselves a profit, because we broke even in the first bet this means we have made a profit without risking a penny.

Nearly every bookmaker in the UK has a sign up offer that offers you a free bet for signing up and placing a bet with them. We can start signing up with all the bookmakers we can and unlocking all the free bets. There are dozens of bookies so there is plenty to keep you busy. Once you are finished with the sign up offers you can move onto the on going offers. As the UK betting industry is so competitive, bookmakers are constantly doing special offers for their customers where they hand out free bets. They do this so you bet with them as opposed to their competitors, we can take advantage of these offers in the same we way we did the sign up offer. There are so many bookies that there are usually multiple offers to do every single day.

The only problem is finding all these offers. Unless you want to go to every bookie website every single day and waste a lot of time then the best way is to sign up to a matched betting service like OddsMonkey. Not only do they have all the offers on their site but they have a whole host of tools and software to make the process even easier. Plus they have support staff ready to help you if you get stuck or make a mistake. I can’t recommend OddsMonkey more highly if you want to get serious about matched betting!

Why Matched Betting

Here’s Why Matched Betting is something you need to be involved with